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                    Pr. Dr. KHALFALLAH Salah   

                                                   Professor of universities (from December 2008).

                                                   National Polytechnic School of Constantine, Algeria.

 Adress of courses online :



Professor of Universities:  from December 2008, by the National Commission of Universities, until now .

Associate Professor:         from December 2003 to December 2008 by the National Commission of Universities.

Assistant Professor:          from October 1992 to December 2003.    

Reattachment University  : National Polytechnic School of Constantine: from 2014 until now.

University of Jijel:  from October 1992 to November 2014.                          


    Research Topics : 

                                      1-  " Nonlinear Modeling Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Structures" .  

                                                  2- " Effect of Soil Structure Interaction on seismic response of building and Structures" . 

                                3- '' Dynamic of structures and buildings''

                                     4- '' Numerical and Kinematic Simulation in Biomechanics''  

 Key words:  Modeling, tension stiffening, cracking, bond slip, simulation, Reinforced Concrete Behavior,

                    Dynamic of soil-structure interaction, dynamic of structures and buildings, seismic.  

Date and place of birth : February, 18, 1963  Constantine, Algeria.


Family Situation : married with five Children who are :       NOUR EL AYKINE (1995), in the second year of the secondary school (Mathematical Stream). 

                                                                                         ANNES (1997), in the Fourth year of the middle school.

                                                                                         AYOUB (2003), in the fourth year of the the primary school.       

                                                                                         Mohamed (2011)  

                                                                                         AMINA (2012)                                        

                                                    " My children are my primary capital of my life 

 Address        : B. P 98 75 A, Nouvelle ville RP, Constantine.

                      Department of Mechanical Engineering,

                      Polytechnic National School, Constantine, 25000, Algeria. 

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